Customer Complaint Officer

Supply Chain
Close 2019-03-29
Job Level : Officer

Job Purpose :

1. Responding to customer enquiries and follow-up to the respective department. 2. Taking information from customers and record it in the database/system. 3. Process & monitor complaint progress and status. 4. Giving information and helping to solve customer complaints 5. Products Campaign and Promotion Info. 6. Arranging services for customers, e.g.: order booking & related to delivery information 7. Initiate improvement input in order to deliver best service to customers 8. To deliver positive customer’s experience.

Responsibilities :

Respond to Customers  
           Giving timely respond to customer
Detail complaint            
           To gather complete information
           To record detail complaint to database/system


Complaint Status           
           Follow-up Complaint / pending matters
           Monitor complaint status and report it regularly.
Complaint Solving
           To give a proper respond to customer
           To give the right information/procedure
           To propose the right solution and sufficient information for the explanation
Product Campaign / Promotion Info       
           To share information to customers from internal/marketing
           To understand the program and be able to give briefly info or explanation.


Services Arrangement   
           To follow up orders related to the stock booking/allocation.
           To give information related to delivery status
Input for Improvement
           To propose idea for service improvement to customer


Customer Experience    
           To deliver a good experience to customers.  E.g: Quick respond, giving early & complete information.

Requirements :

Level of education          : Minimum Bachelor (S1)

Field of education           : Preferably Food Technology, but any majors are welcomed

Experience (including Management Experience):  Preferably 2 years experience 

English Proficiency         : Good in both oral and written